A classic house can be used as a freestanding house that would look good on a server.


64 wooden planks

41 cobblestone

39 wood

1 door

3 torches

2 wooden stairs

59 wood for crafting(assuming player has crafting table)

How to MakeEdit

Step 1 BaseEdit

Place a block of cobblestone.

This is the lower left corner.

Count 7 including this block to the right.

This is the lower right corner.

Repeat this on the other side.

Step 2 Frame 1/2Edit

Place 2 wooden planks on the sides with possible cobblestone connections.

Place wood on every hole.

Stack the wood and cobblestone up 4 layers.

Step 3 DoorEdit

Dig out the 2nd and 3rd layer of wood on the lower part.

Place wooden stairs alongside the wood.

Place a door in the hole.

Step 4 Frame 2/2Edit

Put wooden planks in the 4th layer to fill the holes.

Fill in other blanks with wooden planks.

Step 5 Floor and CeilingEdit

Replace grass with wood.

Put cobble stone on the ceiling on layer 5.

Destroy the blocks surrounding layer 5.

Step 6 InteriorEdit

Put wooden stairs adjacent to the door.

Put torches on layer 2 except the door.