Plant AreaEdit

Add 3 trapdoors on 3 dirt with flowers on it.

Plant shelf

Plant Shelf


Plant PotsEdit

By adding Trapdoors suddenly this Grass block doesnt look out of place! Try planting both red and yellow flowers or even mushrooms if thats what you find attractive!

Plant pot

Plant Pot

You will need:'

'x1 Grass'

x2+ Trapdoor

x1 Flower

'Using this style you can add a lot of colour to your home and also make it just that bit more beautiful'

Bonsai TreeEdit

By using a Sapling you suddenly give the room a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Don't be restrained by corners, simply cover each side with a Trapdoor and place it anywhere! Just make sure your roof is low enough so that the tree doesn't actually grow!

Bonsai tree

Bonsai Tree

You will need:'

x1 Grass

x2+ Trapdoor

x1 Sapling

'Collect different Saplings to make different colours!'

Bay TreeEdit

By replacing Wood with a Fence it is now possible to make great looking small trees, just make sure the Leaves block is touching Raw Wood and they wont decay (in 1.8 you don't have to worry about this, as user placed leaves will not decay).

Indoor tree

Bay Tree

You will need:

x1 Grass

x2+ Trapdoor

x1 Fence

x1 Leaves

x1 Wood

'The raw Wood is part of the wall behind, concealing it from view'

Dose not look good in 1.9, beacuse the fence post will connect with the wall blocks, or just simply dont put it against the wall.

Indoor tree 2

Indoor Tree

'Use different Leaves to make the bay tree look bigger or fit the surroundings, as long as one Leaves block is touching raw wood the tree will not degrade'

Mini TreeEdit

If you have a large enough house, you could just build a mini-tree using raw wood, and leaves. It seriously needs a larger building though. Would also work well in a skyscraper lobby.

2011-09-12 00.12.10

A built tree within a house


You will need:Edit

x2 Logs (any type will do)

x14ish Leaves

'You simply build your own tree using a couple tree trunks, and several leaves'

Indoor ReedsEdit

If you have a house near water,than this is a good idea.

You will need:
2012-04-11 08.31.20

Just cover the water behind it with a wall.It wont effect the sugarcane.

x4 to x8 Reeds

x6 Glass panes(optional)

x2 to x4 Sand

Just let the water touch the sand and

hide the water with a wall.