A Minecraft kitchen can have no uses at all, being idiotic and stylish! Check out the utility designs and a custom kitchen guide below for some inspiration!



Kitchen Sink

You will need:

'x5 Wooden Plankers'

'x1 Cobblestone

x1 Cauldron

x1 Tripwire hook

                                                         x1 Face of awesome!

The sink looks great in any kitchen, washroom or outside area, it will not be fully functional but it gives a great impression. (due to recent updates, this page has been edited, except the pictures)

Ceiling Sink

2012-03-10 19.33.49
You willneed:

x1 Preconstructed wall (Or Corner)

x1 Sign

x1 Bucket of water (Having 2 makes it harder)

x7 Blocks of your choice This alternative to a floor sink is not fully functional and stays out of the way.




You will  need:

x2 Furnace

x2 Trapdoor

The oven with hob not only looks great but works well, the Trapdoor just adds that extra detail to complete the Kitchen look.

Brick OvenEdit

'thumb|left|link=File:2012-03-10_19.33.58.png'You will need:

x1 Furnace

x8 Stone Brick

x8 Buttons

This more traditional oven goes great with a chillier interior look.


2011-09-16 20.49.54
You will need:

x1 Dispenser

x1 Iron Block

x1 Button

x1 Iron Door

The fridge may not be white all over but it works really well and is a key component in any kitchen.

Automatic Garbage BinEdit

2011-09-27 14.25.01

You will need: x3 Full Blocks (any)

x2 Water Buckets

x1 Sticky Piston

x1 Redstone Torch

x3 Stone Slabs

x1 Lava Bucket

x1 Button

x1 Sign

After throwing the items into the water, press the button. The items will fall and burn in the lava. Very nice.

'Kitchen Design'Edit

Take a look at my pro-made kitchen and see how the different utensils work together and blind a few more added.A geuniuine beauty.Looks good, plus an all-in-one base!Edit


'This Kitchen includes an oven, a fridge, a spice rack (Crafting Table),an overhead cupboard (Double Chest) and 'recipe books' ( x2 Bookcase) all in a neat 6x6 grid. The use of a three-block high kitchen means you can add alot more details than normal, like the Stone Slabs over the oven.

'sink as shown above, but also has a Crafting Table installed, the sink has an added draining board (Stone Pressure Plate) '

Kitchen design 1

Kitchen Design 1

Crafting Table

'Sink and 'Draining Board

Overhead Cupboard

Spice Rack

Recipe Books

Kitchen design 2

Kitchen Design 2

Oven and Hob


Recipe Books

Waste Pit (See Waste Pit section in Camping Theme for details)