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Luxury Range!Edit

The Ultimate in royal furnishings! Nothing can compare to the Luxury Range in terms of quality design, this range is suitable for a throne room only. All of these use a Wooden Slab floor.

Luxury ThroneEdit

Luxary throne

Luxury Throne

You will need:

x4 Wooden Stairs

x4 Wooden Planks

x3 Wool

x1 Wooden Slab

'Command your Minecraft empire from a throne fit for kings'

Luxury SofaEdit

Luxary Sofa

Luxury Sofa

You will need:

x4 Wooden Stairs

x2 Wooden Planks

x6 Wool

x2 Wooden Slabs

'Every king needs a break, relax on this epic sofa when your tired of ruling'

Luxury Sofa BedEdit

Luxary Sofa Bed

Luxury Sofa Bed

You will need:

x4 Wooden Stairs

x2 Wool

x1 Bed

'Even sleep in grace! Sleep in any room using the Luxury Sofa Bed'

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