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Miner's RangeEdit

Want to furnish you bland looking mine shaft? Well, we have the thing for you!

The Miner's Seating range is a step up from the standard and then 3 step down again, the low seating gives a modern look and the stone grey is delicous in enclosed spaces. All of the furnature can be made using Slabs or Cobblestone depending on what you want.

Miner's ChairEdit

2012-05-06 17.07.30

A Basic Miner's Chair

You will need:Edit

  • 1x Stone Stair
  • 2x Sign

'The simplest of the set, it will spice up any mine.'

Miner's sofaEdit

Miner's sofa

Miner's Sofa

You will need:

x2 Stone Slab

x4 Signs

Combine with 'Miner's chairs' to furnish your average mineshaft!'

Miner's ReclinerEdit

Miner's recliner

Miner's Recliner

You will need:

x3 Stone Slab

x4 Signs

'A great way to take a load off by yourself.'

Miner's boothEdit

Miner's booth

Miner's Booth

You will need:

x5 Stone Slab

x8 Signs

'Great design idea for mine shaft burritos or resting after a long day of strip mining.'

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