Well technically, it's a Minecraft idea and you can make designs if some of these are real so it's valid right?

Capture The FlagEdit

This adds a whole new multiplayer gamemode with flags and centerlines and jails and sidelines. Also has leather-chain and iron-chain armor.



This block is three blocks tall.


Centerline GeneratorEdit

Variables define how long and thick the centerline is.

Jail GeneratorEdit

Same as above except to control the size of the jail with three variables.

Sideline GeneratorEdit

1 variable controls the length.


Admin Only

LeatherChain and IronChainEdit

Chain is added to the strengths of the armor

made by combining chain armor with leather or iron.

Gameplay RefiningEdit

  • Changes
  • Options give popup bars
  • /give [player] [item name] [number between 1 and 111] [Damage Value]
  • Stacks are now 111 blocks
  • Added /kill[Mob name] [Number of mobs]
  • Added [Error: not enough mobs]
  • Superflat customization goes for all blocks
  • Inventory sorted by ID number

Bandanas and HankerchiefsEdit

Both are used as weak armor.

Jesse James PackEdit

Capture the flagEdit

Bandanas and HankerchiefsEdit

Weirder WeaponsEdit

Water GunEdit

shoots water

Nerf GunEdit

shoots sand or gravel

Boom GunEdit

shoots TNT



Can be kicked by right clicking on it when near it

2 blocks tall





5 blocks tall


5 blocks wide


/Nipkow Disk


attracts things made of iron or gold


Jukeboxes/Note blocks are louder.

Mo' DisksEdit

Songs are:


Gangnam Style

Harlem Shake

Nyan Cat

Update Time MachineEdit

Update button allows playing in all versions of the game from the start of Classic to the most recent update.


x5 TNT

x10 TNT

x20 TNT

x50 TNT

x100 TNT

x 200 TNT

x500 TNT

x1000 TNT (Nuke)

x5000 TNT (Atomic Bomb)

x100000 TNT (H-Bomb)

x1000000 TNT (End Of The World)

Hole TNT 1x1 to void

Chunk Bomb (destroys chunks)

Biome Buster (destroys biomes)

Dense TNT inserts extreme force to the blocks nearest to it.

Dense x100 TNT (Obsidian 100-500)

Dense x200 TNT

Dense x500 TNT

Dense Nuke (Bedrock)

Volcano (shoots out lava)

Cryovolcano (shoots out water, if in taiga biome, it freezes when it touches ground)


Wood Armor - slightly stronger than Leather Armor.

Wool Armor- Gives protection equal to Leather Armor, burns if put on fire.