Natural SpringEdit

It can be difficult to find a place to wash when constantly on the move, so build a Spring at your Campsite so you can always have a place to bath.

You will need: x8 Wooden Slabs, x3 Stone Slabs, x1 Piston, x1 Lever, x1 Water Bucket

Natural Spring 1

Natural Spring 1

Step 1

Dig out a area, 4x3x4 against a wall like shown in the image, then dig a three deep hole into the wall at the cental top of the area- the water will flow from here. Place a row of Stone slabs in the bottom layer of the area, this will stop the water flowing everywhere.

Step 2
Natural spring 2

Natural Spring 2

Next to the hole, dig another one just two deep and place a Piston
Natural Spring 3

Natural Spring 3

facing into the first hole, this will act as a flood gate.

Step 3

Place a natural block infront of the Piston and then a Lever on that block to work the Piston.

Step 4
Natural Spring 4

Natural Spring 4

Make a roof from Wooden Slabs
Natural Spring 5

Natural Spring 5

above the Natural Spring to add a touch of privacy.

Step 5

Finally, use the Water Bucket at the back of the hole and create your Natural Spring! Use the Lever to turn the flow on or off.

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