Rope SwingEdit

The Rope swing is so easy to make yet adds a great fun and interesting twist on outdoor seating that can be difficult to achieve. The hardest part of this is finding two trees the right width apart, check out our tree building section (Coming Soon) for advice and tips on growing your own.

You will need: x15 Wooden Slab, x3 Wooden Stairs, x2+ Fence

Rope Swing

Rope Swing 1

Step 1

Find, or grow, two trees that are five blocks apart. Between them place a 5x3 grid of Wooden Slabs.

Step 2
Rope Swing 2

Rope Swing 2

Place three Wooden Stairs next
Rope Swing 3

Rope swing 3

to each other to make the bench, due to the Wooden Slabs benithe the bench will float.

Step 3

Use the Fences on the end Stairs and build them up until they reach the tree above to make the rope. And your done, a perfect addition to your Campsite in three easy steps.