Description Edit

Most server have shops and a in-game currency, some servers even depend on this kind of roleplay ingredient like city servers,trading servers and others, some even in survival servers and PVP servers. Shops is a key ingredient to a bustling server as it was a part of the game of minecraft, even there are mods that have NPC merchants and traders in the world.

Building Edit

A simple stall
2012-07-29 22.35.40

Simple but slick.

You will need :

x4 Wooden stairs

x1 Wooden slab

x1 Log

x1 Sign

I used upside down stairs.

Stall 2.0

A extra bit of simpleness and elegance.
2012-07-30 14.49.14

You will need :

x4 Wooden stairs

x2 Wooden slabs

x2 Fences

x2 Logs

x2 Stone pressure plates