The ideal accomodation for any free adventure, containing all of the essentials anyone needs in a small easy to construct space that is easy to put together and design.

One Man TentEdit

You will need: x64 Wool, x4 Fence, x1 Bed, x1 Crafting Table, x1 Chest, x2 Torch

Tent 1

Tent Step 1

Step 1

'Start by digging a 5x6 grid and fill it with Wool, for the example I use white Wool but use whatever colour you think is best, Green Wool works well. '

''''Step 2
Tent 2

Tent step 2

'Build one up on three of the sides, leaving one of the 5 block wide edges open as the entrance. '

Tent 3

Tent Step 3

Step 3 '

''''Continue to build up the tent in a diagonal fashion as shown in the image. '

'''''''Step 4
Tent 4

Tent Step 4

''''The interior of the tent should contain a central Bed with a
Tent 5

Tent Step 5

Crafting Table and Chest to the side. To make the Chest accesable have it placed one block down. '

'''''''Step 5 '

''''Finally, place Fence posts at each corner to appear as Tent pegs, then place two Tiki Torches as a light sorce at the front. '

Two Man TentEdit

You will need: x121 Wool, x12 Fence, x2 Bed, x2 Crafting Table, x2 Chest, x2 Torch

2man Tent 1

Two Man Tent

Step 1

Follow steps 1,2 and 3 for a One Man Tent, but making the grid 7x8.

Step 2
2man tent 2

Two Man Tent 2

Place a three high Fence post at the rear centre of the tent and then a bed either side. Then add a Crafting Table on the outside of each bed and a Chest between
2man Tent 3

Two Man Tent 3


Step 3

Add another three high Fence post at the tent opening and then Fence posts at each corner to look like Tent pegs. Further add Tiki Torches as a light source and a second Chest within the Tent if you see fit.