Waste PitEdit

What do you do if you have an excess of materials and you dont know what to do with them? Simple, throw them away! Use this basic design to build a Waste pit to include in your Campsite.

You will need: x9 Wooden Planks, x8 Wooden Slabs, x6 Fence, x2 Torches, x1 Sand, x1 Cactus

Waste Pit 1

Waste Pit 1

Step 1

The first step is the hardest, dig a 3x3 hole down one block and then another block own on the cenral rows. Third, in the middle dig a third block down and replace it with Sand; add a Cactus on top.

Step 2
Waste Pit 2

Waste Pit 2

Next, fill the top layer with Wooden Planks, making sure that the blocks you dug down
Waste Pit 3

Waste Pit 3

twice are still empty, Cactus cant have blocks adjacent to them.

Step 3

Place Fence posts in each corner and then a square of Wooden slabs on top, the same as the Wooden
Waste Pit 4

Waste Pit 4


Step 4

Add a Wooden Plank in the centre of the Wooden Slabs, then two Tiki Torches as a light source. Finally dig out a few blocks up to the Waste pit so that you can easily drop waste in.

Waste Pit 2Edit

Dig down 10 blocks and place ladders while you go.

place lava at the bottom and climb up.

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