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Water StoreEdit

The Water Store is the first of four extras you can add to your Campsite just to take it the extra distance, use the Store as a perfect unlimited Water source.

You will need: x12 Wood, x4 Fence, x12 Wooden Planks, x4 Wooden Slabs, x2 Water Buckets

Water Store 1

Water Store 1

Step 1

First make a 4x4 square out of Wood, leaving the centre four blocks open.

Step 2
Water Store 2

Water Store 2

Place a Fence post in each corner and then on top another identical square of Wooden Planks.

Step 3

Water Store 3

Water Store 3

Fill the gap in the Wooden Planks
Water Store 4

Water Store 4

with Wooden Slabs to make another layer, adding to the detail.

Step 4

Now, use the Water Buckets on opposite corners of the Water store to make a 2x2 unlimited water source, so you will never have to go looking for lakes again.

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